About me

My name is Gianluca, and I'm an Italian technology/computer enthusiast and CS student. I like learning programming languages and writing simple programs in the free time, too.
The main languages I know and frequently use are Java and C, and sometimes Javascript; I'm also reading a lot about C++ and I'm going to start using it too.
I used to write a lot of Visual Basic .NET code for desktop applications and PHP code for websites, but now I almost abandoned these two.

About the blog

I opened this blog to share my programs and my ideas over the net. Here I will post updates about my open source projects and tutorials about programming and technology in general. I'm Italian, but I try to write in English to share the posts with the widest public I can; probably I will make some language mistakes, so, if you like my posts and you find errors, reporting them to me will be a feedback that I will appreciate. By the way, each positive or negative feedback will make me happy because it means that someone reads or follows the blog, so, feel free to comment and to tell your opinion about my posts.


You can contact me at my email address, but please prefer comments instead of email, so everyone who reads the post, can know your opinion.