Thursday, August 14, 2014

Universalide project updates: new website, a new contributor and planned features

Hello all! I'm writing this post to report some updates from the UniversalIDE Open Source project, after the v0.3 Beta has been released about a month ago.

Website updates

In these days I've been doing some updates to the project's website; as you can see from the screenshots, the main change is the layout (the old one was absolutely horrible).
The old layout...
...and the new one

A new developer is contributing

Finally I'm no longer the only the only developer working on UniversalIDE: the next version will contain some code written by dnha, a new developer which joined the project some weeks ago and is actually doing improvements to the code (for now, implemented his Error reporting library and added line numbers in the code editor).
Contact us if you are interested in contributing - this is an open source project, so the more the team grows, the more the program becomes better for all.

Development status

I'm going to start soon coding an add-on to support the Java language which will integrate UniversalIDE with Sun's JDK tools to compile Java applications; next, I'll continue working on the UniversalIDE's code to prepare the next release, which will probably be the first stable version, 1.0.


  1. Thanks to you for joining the UniversalIDE project ;)