Wednesday, July 16, 2014

UniversalIDE beta 0.3 released!

I just released the version Beta 0.3 of my current open source project, UniversalIDE, an add-on based Integrated Development Environment designed to be adaptable to any programming language or development platform. It's written in Visual Basic .NET, so it requires the .NET Framework 4.0 installed to work.
The main change in the new version is the online add-on repository: with a click on Tools > Add-on Manager > Install new from repository you can easily install the add-ons available in the official repository (hosted here).

A screenshot of UniversalIDE 0.3

Another improvement is the output log and the error list at the bottom of the main window (in the previous versions the output was saved to a file). An auto update system has also been added, so you will automatically notified if new versions of UniversalIDE or of installed add-ons are avaiable.

Downloads (powered by Sourceforge):

Source code:

The source code is now available through Git (hosted by Sourceforge).


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