Saturday, October 19, 2013

How to remove shortcuts from the Windows desktop only for an user

If you have a Windows PC with more than one user account, and you delete a shortcut from an user's desktop, it will probably be deleted also from the desktops of the other users. But why this happens? And how is possible to keep different shortcuts on the desktops of the different users?
The answer to these questions is located in C:\Users (Vista, 7, and probably also 8 but I haven't tested it) or in C:\Documents and settings (XP). In this folder there is a subfolder for each user, plus a folder named public or All users, and in each of them lots of folder like DocumentsPictures, and in particular Desktop. If you open the Desktop folders, you will probably notice that on your desktop there are the items stored in your Desktop folder plus the ones in the public Desktop folder.

So, since the biggest part of the software's installers puts the desktop link in the public desktop folder, they are displayed on the desktops of all the users. To avoid this, simply move the links from the public desktop folder to the users' private desktop folders, and then you can remove the unwanted links from the folders of the single users.

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