Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mapping FTP and WebDav servers to Windows drive letters

Some days ago, surfing the net, I found a very particular FTP/WebDav Client for Windows: NetDrive. As you can see by the title of this post, this program mounts the servers as they were local drives.

A screenshot of NetDrive
It is free for personal/home use; for commercial use, you have to buy a license. The program runs only on Windows, because it's designed to work with Windows drive letters (the other OSs, like OSX and Linux distributions, doesn't use drive letters but they use mount points) and can be downloaded here.
I found this software very useful because you can work on a remote server exactly as you were working on a local hard drive; however, it has some disadvantages: it's slower than normal FTP clients like FileZilla, and it doesn't support secure FTP connections (SFTP).

Tip: when I installed this program on my Windows 7 PC, it seemed not to work (it showed error messages each time I tried to mount a drive), but after a restart, it begun to work well. So, if you have problems after the installation, try to reboot your system.

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