Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Description and current status of the UniversalIDE open source project

UniversalIDE is the open source project that I started about two years ago. It is an Integrated Development Environment written in VB.NET and based on an add-on architecture that is designed to make the environment compatible with any programming language and development platform. This is the home of the project, hosted on Sourceforge: http://universalide.sf.net/. As I said, I've been working on it since two years, however, it is still in beta; actually, I'm starting to develop the first stable version, the 1.0.
Actually, the available add-ons are two, that works in pair and are used for web developement: one manages the "web server" (yes, in quotes before it is a little program written by me and I don't think it can be considered a real web server XD), and the other is a HTML/CSS code highlighter; for more info, see this wiki article.
I'm planning, after the stable version and after having improved the web-development add-ons (especially with support for real web servers like Apache), to write an add-on for Java development; but this IDE, to become as most Universal as possible, needs more add-on developers, because without add-ons the UniversalIDE core is completely useless. If you are interested to collaborate, post in the forum.

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