Saturday, August 31, 2013

Console.WriteLine("Hello, Web!")

Note: the informations on this post aren't updated. Here there is the updated page.

Hello all!
Welcome to my blog.

About me

My name is Gianluca, and I'm an Italian 16 year old boy impassioned of computers and everything about technology. But as you can see by the title of the post, my main hobby is programming; I like learning programming languages and writing simple programs. Actually, the languages I know are Visual Basic .NET, JavaScript, HTML, PHP and I'm learning Java because I'm interested to try Android development.
From almost two years, in the free time I'm working to UniversalIDE, an open source IDE written in VB.NET that, with an an add-on system, is designed to be adaptable to any programming language or development platform. This is the project homepage.

About the blog

I open this blog to share my programs and my ideas over the net. Here I will post updates about my open source projects and tutorials about programming and technology in general. I'm Italian, but I try to write in English to share the posts with the widest public I can; probably I will make some language errors, so, if you like my posts and you find errors, reporting them to me will be a feedback that I will appreciate. By the way, each positive or negative feedback will make me happy because it means that someone reads or follows the blog, so, feel free to comment and to tell your opinion about my posts.

If you like technology and/or programming, stay tuned!

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